Why Choose Lotsa Gotcha?

There are many talented graphic designers saturating the NW. The question is: which ones are simply creative vs. ones know what makes visuals work to entice and inform. This is huge when choosing a designer…one will make you look cute, the other will improve business. I do both.


I understand the real purpose of visual communication:  motivate people to respond. Without that, money and time are wasted.


From emotional branding to aggressive call-to-action, my versatility in design and approach is unbeatable.


I have purposely avoided establishing a “style”. I’d rather design what consumers respond to, resulting in profitable ventures for all.


I’m curious, intuitive and focused… always striving for a solid understanding of every project’s expected results.  For each project, I study and become the consumer, so I will know exactly what THEY want.


My knowledge of marketing and advertising guides my design decisions, resulting in getting it right the first time.


Whether a leader or a follower, I strive to be the ideal teammate. No ego. No conflict. Just collaborative success. From clients to vendors to co-workers…I continually seek win-win results for everyone involved.


My success will come from the short and long term success I give others. Every action and decision I make is an investment to my reputation and future, and the future of the people I help. Nothing is more valuable than that!


I believe there are no negative emotions in business, only lessons for improvement…resulting in solutions. Every interaction should cause a positive forward result.


I love design and production equally (and illustration, logos, web design, photomanipulation, etc…)! I also love fantastic results and ultimate success for everyone.