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Attention-Getting Creative Services and Products

 Lotsa Gotcha specializes in creating and producing extremely effective, targeted and original promotional stuff that gets lots of ATTENTION and RESPONSE! Browse around. Want? Give Sam Harmon a call direct: 503-233-4408

Let’s Add You To The Clients We’ve Helped

 For over 30 years, we’ve been working with businesses, events, entertainers and ad agencies…creating Lotsa Gotcha. We’d LOVE to add you in the mix! Let’s do it: 503-233-4408.

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T-Shirt Design and Merch Stores? Oh My Yes

 Whatever kind of art you want, we can do it. PLUS: Need a Merch Store? We GOTCHA covered.
Let’s do it: 503-233-4408
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We’ve Created Lotsa Print & Online Ads

 Gotcha-factor is the name-of-the-game when it comes to effective Social Media marketing. We GOTCHA covered.
Let’s do it: 503-233-4408
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We Live And Breathe Logo Design

 A great logo sells your business or event all by itself. If your logo isn’t doing that, you simply have a scrawny logo.
Let’s fix that: 503-233-4408
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Of Course We Create and Produce Websites

 We build custom websites set up so you can go in and make updates and changes. How handy is that? Let’s do it: 503-233-4408